The Mind is no less than ineffable, as it is of our Creator and therefore cannot be contained within representation.  As such, mind is likely the closest attribute we have to the Creator within the constraints of form; though the heart represents the Creators Love and limitless capacity for oneness and unity, without mind the potential for creation is not possible.  The ability to create is what makes the human experience so wondrous!  Not only that, we get to experience our creations; what a gift the human experience is.  What we do with this gift is the focus of this module, as what we do with it is no different than what we think of as our Will.

Here I remind you that this is only a representation of my own understanding of the Mind, and while I may speak with conviction, am simply offering up one way to see it.  You’re welcome to take what truth you find in it and leave the rest. 

In order to even approach the idea of Mind, I think it vital to first approach the idea of systems.  At an intuitive level I hope this makes sense, as everything our Creator creates is held within circular systems(or unity); which would indicate that perhaps we do as well.

Have you ever wondered why, regardless of the limitless potential each one of us have at the dawn of a new day, we choose the same?  Have you ever questioned why, the same struggles seem to present themselves over and over again?  It is because we too create in circular systems, though we disguise this fact under a negative connotation known as patterns and therefore do not see the creative potential beneath them.  This can be hard to see in the seeming linear world we live in, but please see it.  As the Will to create freely, depends upon it.  Some may think that taking a hammer, to a nail, to wood is creation; but this is only a process within creation.  True creation, as of our Creator is of Mind, and fueled by the unity of the heart; it is following from that place that the tools are grabbed in which to build.  

The artificial systems of man within this world have fooled many into thinking that our potential for creation is at the level of tools.  Because of this many deny their greatest potential within the human experience, and in a way become the tools of these artificial systems themselves; myself included.  However, as I did we all have a choice.  The reason it is so hard to choose for true creation is because most do not, and the collective consciousness generates a stubborn current for change.  However, as many forge the road of true creation, they create a new current brimming with the limitless potential of That which creates!

The most powerful catalyst for the impetus which brings forth true creation, is Unity.  This is the creative fabric in which our Creator has established within all of Creation.  However, this is also how our creative potential has been exploited; as whatever we do together is united.  When artificial systems are generated, which seem to move us within commonly shared(accepted) systems of movement or behaviors; in a way we are united.  But this is a misguided representation of Unity, which has served to truly enslave our minds to but serve a few. 

Fortunately, there is good news!  The soils of our seeming imprisonment have been depleted, and the industries of enslavement can only seem to but build upon their own foundations.  Foundations of old, foundations anchored on the belief that power rested in a few and not in our real union as One, foundations anchored on ideas of falsities such as privilege, inequality and debt; for the claws of these deceptions can dig no deeper and weariness from there abuse, beginning to open our eyes to Truth. 

As a new time of true creation unfolds, those who forge its way, have an insurmountable potential in which to fuel their true creations.  It is the most fertile soil within the universe; it is the need for correction.  When those who have realized who they truly are and where to truly create from, create natural systems where artificial one’s seem to reign, the universe will meet them at their potential; as true healing is of nature and a free Will, all that is needed.

The concept of mind presents a limitless variable of experience, so I feel as though the most fruitful attempt to approach this topic, is to address a few of the environ-mental characteristics of mind which are the same for all and ultimately define our shared experience.  One common characteristic of the mind all beings share within the natural world, is that we think over time. This is an interesting point because it eludes to our sense of recognition or self discovery.  If one were to conceive of the Mind of our Creator, surely the presence of this common characteristic of thought would seem absent, as a mind which is All Knowing, needs not time to recognize it.  Two things make our minds devoid of all knowingness; one, is that our ability to come to know ourselves exists over time; the second, our minds appear to be separate from one another.  If all our minds were joined as one, and needed not time to come to know, how similar our mind might be to that of an All Knowing Mind.

If our ability to recognize All Knowingness is divided by the two characteristics, separated minds and discovery over time; and our ability to experience life is through the mind, then one could deduce that a major tenet of the human experience is the recognition of this Truth.  That our seemingly separate minds are really one and ultimately exists out of time.  If you think about this for a minute, can you see how our supposed individual experiences could be powered by this?  That the seeker within our core is the yearning for this recognition; that the misdirected motivation behind our comparisons and measurements of one another is to this end. 

It is as though our Creator simply took attributes of Itself and distributed It among us, Knowing they could not be separate and that each would find its way home.  Because we really are not separate but exist as one, we exist within Relationship. This relationship is infinite, as it is also of our Creator, meaning our relationships with the All are also infinite and therefore each one Eternally Known.

To truly heal the mind is to truly recognize this Truth, and an opened heart is a heart which feels it.  Everything else, is the process of Coming to Know.

Random access memory is usually associated with computers, and denotes a type of memory that can be accessed randomly.  I think however, it also represents well the short term mental holdings we use to attempt control within relationship to our environments.  Naturally this does not apply to objective thought, such as the practical information deemed necessary for one’s job or some similar application.  I’m speaking to every circumstance that does not require such thought and that may present a given outcome rather than a taken one.

While everyone knows, pulling relative information into the forefront of the mind when one thinks the information may serve them within a given circumstance, is common practice; there are a few things to realize.  While our experience in this world may seem linear, the mind is not.  When one thought is drawn forth for assistance, circular currents of thought supported by emotion are not far behind.   Though many I’m sure are aware of this, I’m not sure many are aware of its implications. 

Two things are compromised when one does this; real relationship is stifled and the old cannot become the new.  How is relationship stifled, you ask?  It all starts with the self concepts of ourselves or others, which we cast upon ourselves or those we are to engage within a given circumstance; then comes the measuring, followed by the relative information one thinks is necessary based on the output of the measurement.  The resultant effect is that we think we have now properly prepared ourselves for the engagement.  An engagement that not only we feel we’ve prepared for, but that we exude or broadcast our preparedness.  Conscious of it or not, we shine forth our thoughts, not because we want to, but because we exist in relationship, and because of that others respond accordingly.  This is the dance of concept based expectations and it almost always follows the same beat.  When it doesn’t, we’re surprised and profess the beauty of our unusual encounter.  But more than not, this is because at least one of the players did not hold expectations.  Because this stifling within relationship is is also true of ourselves, it is that which leads us to the old not becoming the new. 

We are not robots, we are human beings, yet when one attempts to measure the expected outcome of their given circumstance, they in essence upload a planned course of actions or behaviors we know as patterns.  What is a software application, but a series of distinct patterns intended to execute in response to certain triggers.  A robot is nothing more than a physical expression of pattern based software, and when one allows patterns of old to infiltrate their present circumstance, they are in a way, behaving like one.  Some may argue that these patterns are who they are, that it’s their personality.  But this is not so, and occurs because one confuses the circular nature of their mind with certainty.  We think, the more times we think or feel something, the more real it is.  Forget not, the cause of mind is coming to know the All Knowing, and this and only this is why our thoughts are circular, as they exist in time and therefore can only be recognized through cyclical iterations.  

We are not, the product of our most common behaviors, we are beings gifted with a mind so limitless we don’t know what to do with it, and the potential for creation so beautiful we don’t know where to begin.  When we hold tight to the patterns of old, believing we are them, we cannot see who we really are.  But if one can release them, and become aware of the true freedom which exists in every moment, they can begin to come to know. 

In order to represent this section in its most actionable light, I feel I must begin with where we come to know from, as movement is always an expression from one’s center, or where they believe their center to be; as coming to know is simply a process of moving towards discovery.  Everything we do, think, or feel is typically in relationship to where we think we are.  If we’re at the grocery store, the body grabs a cart, the mind begins to pull upon the necessary items we’ve lodged in memory, and the emotions perhaps tell us to buy regular or light.  While some may write down their shopping list before, others may not, as the evolution of writing down one’s shopping list comes from not writing one down.  While this example may seem quite trivial, it holds within it much truth. 

There is no effort contained within the parameters of this given example, save for the effort to get up and go.  Everything is provided, with or without a list; even the lesson of creating a list is provided if that lesson is needed.  If the load is light, we perhaps grab a basket, heavy and we grab a cart.  If we can’t find an item, we look harder or perhaps ask for assistance.  The point is, everything unfolds without our effort, all you have to do is arrive where you need to be.

Many, myself included have spent countless hours, days or even years thinking about how they’re going to do something.  Wondering how all the pieces are going to fit together; asking themselves, will it work, can I do this, or is it worth the risk?  While life obviously isn’t a grocery store, the way we unfold within it is no different than the way we unfold in life; if, we know who and where we are. 

The reason our unfoldment within the world seems to take so much effort, is not because it’s hard, as even the most complex endeavor is simple when broken down to its elemental parts (when approached by the appropriate candidate for the endeavors unfoldment).  It’s because we do not honor the present, of where and who we are.  The main point here is that everything we need for any given circumstance will ALWAYS, be readily available to us.  The reason it may feel like it’s not, is because we are either attempting to be something we’re not, or we simply don’t know where we are.  Herein holds the intersection to what coming to know is.

Today’s world professes two things abundantly; that you can do anything, and to not let anybody stop you.  In a way, just like many misrepresentations in the world, this is a faulty repackaging of Truth.  As an individual, the above phrase is obviously an impossibility, as no singular person is capable of doing anything other than what comes of who they are.  As One in Unity however, we have the power to do anything, anything that comes of who we are as One.  The phrase, “don’t let anybody stop you,” the same faulty repackaging.  If we as One, are capable of anything, then no singular representation(body) can stop the Whole from being What It is. 

The idea that we can be anything from an individual standpoint, is to look in the opposite direction of who we truly are.  Why would one want to be anything, when they can be everything their meant to be?  The inability to choose this has to do with where the choosing is from.  Choose from a place of lack, and anything looks reasonable.  Choose from a place of knowing the abundance of who you truly are and nothing but the expression of your abundance is acceptable. 

So what does this all mean?  It means that Coming to Know, is simply coming to know who you are in that relationship.  Coming to know who you are in relation to the whole.  This is where our true power lies, and this is the place which anything you do from cannot fail, for you cannot fail at being who you truly are.  The best thing I’ve found to do when I find myself hitting the walls of inability, is to stop and remember truly, Who I Am and my relationship to the Whole, then whatever step I take from that place, is effortlessly honoring that Truth within the wonderful process of Self discovery.  As who we are, is also what we will be. 

What makes the mind limitless, is its ability to create.  What seems to limit the mind is its misguided creation.  Just as movement is generated from our center, so too is creation.  This is why the Creator is infallible; It is the center, and therefore creates perfectly.  In order to understand perfect creation, one only needs to understand what a perfect system is.  A perfect system is none other than a system that affords movement, but always finds balance within correction and has no waste.  All of Creation is held within a perfect system and to understand the parameters of a perfect system, is to understand our experience within Creation.  

It is the three characteristics of a perfect system; movement, balance and exhaustion, I will outline in order to illustrate my understanding of how we create.  Aside from gravity, in order for something to move it needs three things, time, space and a center point in which to move from.  Because we are not just physical objects but thinking beings which animate, we move from our centers in limitless ways.  No matter how we move however, we always return to our center.  This is as true of mind as it is of the body, meaning our expressions are the animations of our centers. 

The center one moves from, is none other than who and where they think and feel they are.  Sounds simple right?  The issue, is that we seem to have no choice but to attempt to gather the information of who and where we are, from each other; and it’s hard not to follow the critical mass of our shared consciousness.  Meaning we want to accept that whatever most are doing is what we should do.  A majority does not represent Truth unless it is built upon Truth, and therefore simply represents the majorities perceived center.  Just as we move from our center, so to does the majority from its, as unity is simply the unification of many parts.  The acceptance of artificial systems which have been juxtaposed over the true nature of our environment will always lead to an unsustainable center, as what is artificial has not the nature of balance inherent within it.  This leads us to the next characteristic, balance.

Whenever anything moves, the extreme and the middle is always present, and can also be perceived as its polarities.  In nature when something moves, the extreme point eventually gives birth to its opposite and vice versa, thus balance is always found.  We have been gifted with the ability(free Will) to create ourselves as One.  While we may feel we create as individuals, we are simply expressing a variant within One creation.  In order for this to be afforded within the womb of Creation, the real correction inherent within nature must be present.  This is the outer system which holds the inner and protects us from the extremes of our own creations.  To create from an artificial center is mis-creation and to create from within the center of Truth is true creation.  The human experience reflects the dance between mis-creation and true creation, as even true creation has led to our mis-creation, yet ultimately brings forth our gentle correction.  This leads us to the third characteristic of exhaust.

To exhaust something, is to use up its resources or reserves completely.  The reason this principle is important, is because a perfect system can have no waste, and therefore needs a way to absorb its residual effects.  Mis-creation is the residual effect of true creation, which is why it is also an extension of true creation and will eventually lead one back to it.  When we mis-create from artificial centers we simply add more friction between the real and the false; and because our movement exists within a circular system over time, we exhaust it over iterations of experience.  This exhaustion occurs at the shared as well as individual level and cannot be circumvented; as nothing is wasted, and everything used.  Just as in nature, when tension reaches a threshold, its correction is born.  

While one could consider the ability to mis-create, free Will; how free are you, if you have to live out its effects.  In this sense, we all pay for what we create, as none are impervious to greater law.  A truly free Will, is a Will aligned with real Truth, and not only creates without generating the friction based tension many experience, but is in perfect alignment with true Creation and its affinity for correction.

While the seeds of creation are generated within the mind, a seed can only grow, if the soil it’s planted within, has the fertility necessary for it’s growth.  The fertile soil necessary for true creation, is real Unity.  Though we exist in Unity, we can only recognize our place within it through an open Heart. 

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