As our life blood is circulated through the heart, the heart alternates between two states.  Yet each state contains both the act of contraction(pushing), and the act of relaxing(pulling); meaning it gives and receives as one, regardless of its state.  While the human experience exists within time, the heart gives and receives according to its own rhythm, the rhythm of unity in relationship to the whole in which it exists.  The heart is also the first functional organ which forms in the body, allowing us to receive life so that we may come to be. 

The heart indicates life, as surely as it indicates its absence.  The heart also indicates love, as surely as it indicates one’s hate.  Though the heart does not recognize hate itself, as it only recognizes Truth, it will reflect back to it’s owner, the empty space between fear and love.  For the heart cannot lie, and those that think it can, are soon reminded of the closeness heart brings one to the Truth.  

Though the subtleties of Creation, many times elude more quickly to the greater Truth that’s within It, this is not so with the heart.  The heart not only represents unity, it exemplifies it many times a minute; for Unity can be found in the heart.

The heart not only holds us in life, it holds us in relationship to All.  Union is none other but the recognition of this, and therefore the recognition of Wholeness.  Though the term union is associated with any combining of two things within language, the heart is not separate from Truth and therefore represents real Union;  real Union with the Truth of one’s Self, as well as the resulting Union with others in Truth.  It is from the representation of this type of Union, which I will proceed.

Two things were necessary for my ability to recognize the Wholeness of real Union.  One was real surrender, and the other a devoted willingness to serve.  As the heart sees giving and receiving as one, and was I not willing to give, how could I receive the Truth held within the heart?  In a way, the heart is the guardian of Truth, and will only reveal its channel, once it knows the place in which it resides is not only willing to receive, but give; for the heart sings of Unity, and therefore Relationship.  Who we are in relationship to the whole, is the place to which we synthesis Unity.

While the heart may allow Truth to be felt, its result is Vision.  As Truth does reveal Itself.  As I began to sense this Truth within myself, I began to recognize the true Self.  This led to an experience of Union unlike anything I’d ever imagined.  For me, one of the undeniable attributes to real Union, is that one is embraced as they embrace the other and the extent to which that embrace is felt, beyond one’s known capacity.  I think a symmetrical metaphor for this is black holes.  If you’ve ever studied black wholes, you’ll know about the event horizon; this is the edge or rim of a black whole, where it has been theorized that by the time you’ve looked beyond that point, you’ve already succumbed to its call.  This is much like real Union, once you’ve recognized it, the heart has already joined with it, and real Love inescapable. 

The willingness to serve, had to do with my center or inner stance.  I’d realized through surrender that I was, as we all are, an instrument for expression.  Not only that, I had begun to hear the melody which Unity was calling forth from within me.  To make oneself available to greater service, is a progressive path and may certainly yield progressive results, but in my heart I’d realized that the Love my heart was seeking could only be met through joining the orchestra of Unity.

The heart Lives for Relationship.  Its ultimate goal is to relate its Truth to us so that we may join with it; for then it is One in Relationship with All.  The heart of our being craves real union, as it is of Oneness and is the longing within us, back to it.  Because the heart is the center of our being and presents our thirst for union, we look for it everywhere.  It is what fuels our constant measures of one another in search of the truth.  It is why, we seek understanding, in the hope to recognize the Oneness which is its home.  It is the constant reminder that what is Whole, exists and is somewhere to be found.  For the heart not only holds Life, it calls us towards it. 

The recognition of the true Relationship of our Wholeness, requires an open heart.  When the heart has not been opened to real Love, the access of diminished love may arise.  Though Love truly cannot be divided, reduced or contained, as it only joins.  The idea of diminished love is the idea of a love that can be contained through its separation from the whole.  The topic of diminished love pains me, as it is the root of so much suffering.  The false idea of diminished love, conceals truth and is generated by the misuse of unity.  That which relates, unites regardless of its polarity.  This is why collective miss-creation gathers strength; we are creators, and when we create together our true power revealed.  When we are led to miss-create as one, we generate artificial currents which can only call upon natures correction, through the cycles of suffering they invoke; and only through the relentless build up of tension, is correction finally called forth.  Though still a call to Love, it is a call that adds many cycles to the recognition of Truth.

This is why it it’s so important to recognize Real Unity, Real Love, as only from Its recognition can we begin to create within Truth.  For this is how the Truth will set us free, nothing more and nothing less.  We must create from the Love that is the Truth of our being.  

To engage the topic of focusing through the heart is no different from what one thinks of as healing it.  If the heart is what offers the Truth within, of Unity with All, how could it ever be broken?  The idea of a broken heart, is the idea that man can destroy what is of our Creator. We always focus from the heart of where we think we are.  When one feels empty, they tend to see emptiness, where one feels full, fullness abounds.  The heart is the Truth within us, and the heart of our being. It is our perceived distance to or from this Truth, that indicates a measure, of the state of our heart.

As sentient beings, we rely on the elements of our environments to establish what is.  When we can see, touch and feel something, we believe in its certainty.  When it comes to a past experience which has had great effect on us, three things have occurred.  We saw this experience, we felt a certain way about it, and it occurred in relationship to someone or something involving others(in this way we’ve touched it). What I’m saying, is that when two or more are involved, the unity of relationship is present and union is real.  This means that regardless of the reality of a given situation, no matter how far from the truth; when we experience it in relationship it becomes as real to us as a rock in our hand.  What we think of as healing the heart, is nothing more than dropping that rock.

The challenge, is that the rock we need to drop is composed of many smaller ones.  In a way, who we think we are, begins to represent this seeming mountain of experience and the true Essence within lost.  Drop the rock, and the Essence shines forth.  One very important consideration here, is that regardless of whether or not we cling to this rock, we cannot be other than who we are; the way we talk, laugh, dance, or create, is not dependent on holding on to anything, it is however limited by that which we hold. 

If one can live with the idea of making regular and prompt amends for seemingly poor behavior, and attempting to live with a skeleton free closet, any dark elements of their subconscious will be easily accessible, as they won’t be buried or hidden and the necessary situation can easily arise to release the tension and close the gap between Truth and one’s being.  Though one may have very old traumas, it is the continual building of rocks upon them that keep them hidden.  When we stack one stained rock upon the other, eventually entire corners of our depth seem to lie in a shadow, and the foundation buried deep under it.  This does not mean hope is not in sight, it means one only need recognize these voids surrounding one’s truth and be willing to heal, as nature will correct itself once we begin to flow with it.  Willingness however, is not a passive thing, as one has the capacity to draw deep lines of willingness.  

To me, a good representation of willingness is Will in action.  Thought is thought, and an idea an idea.  To say one is willing, and do nothing, is like counting down to the start of a race, and never taking the first step.  If one is willing to run a race, they must take the appropriate actions which lead up to it, then the running of the race becomes inevitable.  The strength of one’s willingness is determined by the focus of one’s Will, as the focusing of attention is the throttle of the Will.  What we focus on is what we will birth into existence, whether physically or mentally.

When clearing out the dark elements of my own experience, the amount of times I brought my focus to the willingness to heal no matter what, is unmeasurable.  It became my breath, my mantra and my aim, so much so that it became a relentless necessity.  While this is still a representation of willingness, how different is it from a passive state.  The more we do something, the more we call forth its evolution, as we are creators, and what we focus on created.  It is the fragmentation of focus, that has lead to fragmented creation.  What is fragmented is not one, and therefore makes no sense.  To close the gap between where one thinks they are and where they truly stand in Truth, is to become the Will in action towards that aim.  When one embraces the race towards Truth, the ribbon at the finish line, pulled nearer one’s sight.

To begin this section, I must specify that as a man, I may have developed a relationship with the heart, differently than a woman, as females do appear to be more naturally tuned to the heart.  However, one of the things that kept the opening of the heart elusive to me, was the idea of feeling strong emotion.  While I have felt tremendous Love within my heart, the exposures I have had to Divine Love were experienced during sacred times in my life; and the Love so strong, it only resonated from my heart, but saturated my being.  For me, once this type of Love is felt or experienced, you will never be the same, and transformation inevitable. The realization that my heart had opened was more about the passageway of Unity it had become, and the steady dialogue of Truth it brings.

The heart represents two things, though they are not separate; Unity and Life.  The intersection between the two is relationship.  As relationship itself is dependent on another thing to be in relationship with.  Everything exists within relationship because all Life is united.  This is the hearts mantra and therefore its call.  Looking back on my life, I could always recognize something missing, even in the best of times.  It wasn’t until years later, I realized this feeling was simply the steady reminder from the heart, calling me to Unity.  The reason it felt like something was missing was because no matter how full I thought my heart felt, it is only through service to one’s greater call to Unity, that truly fills the heart; as Union with All is the heart’s Truth, not union with some. That call within my heart, saved my life, because I was not truly living until I recognized it.  I think it important here to specify that for me, a full heart does not mean a heart saturated with feeling, though the heart is certainly capable of offering that.  A full heart, is the acceptance of the hearts full capacity to Love; as the heart gives and receives as one.  

I feel the best way I can approach the characteristics of an open heart, is through the term “being in love”.  To begin, I must make it clear, I am not speaking to the idea of separated love, which is reserved for a few, and held from others.  For how could one hold, what is holding them; and how could one separate what joins?  To be in love, at the level of intimate, romantic partnership with another, is simply a flash or glimpse of real Love.  Though the relationship may last a lifetime, the feeling of “being in love” fleeting.  This is not because the feeling is not itself real, it’s because for a brief moment in time, one falls into the resonance of real union with another;  feeling the others embrace as surely as they offer their own.  But it is not long, before the embrace becomes an attempt to contain; as soon comes labels, and with them expectations shortly thereafter.  As soon as you try to contain what can only be embraced, it’s already gone.  This is also true of revelation.

Love joins everything, gives everything, and is the embrace of the Created.  To be in love, is about “being” in”Love.”  We have our being in the place we feel we are.  While the mind is aware of it’s environment, the heart assures it, it’s there.  To truly “be in love”, is to live from Love,  and to have one’s being or center firmly rooted within the true vision Love provides.  Real Love is the Truth which embraces us and awaits our embrace.  Only once we recognize it through an open heart and clear mind, can we embrace It.  Once embraced, one can begin to stand within It, seeing the landscape it reveals; though none can stand upon it, for nothing stands above Truth.

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