Expansion is our birthright, as we are expansive beings.  The only thing needed to expand, is the relinquishment of a lasting state of contraction.   We are designed to expand and contract, this is represented by the breath and the heart, the two things which truly grant us life.  If expansion and contraction are so readily available to us within the confines of our experience, why is it that so many of us choose a state of never ending contraction in life?  It’s as though we hold and hold and hold, and then die.  Where is the expansion in this, where is life?  

The state of contraction I’m referring to, is the product of the idea of lack.  The idea that our needs are not or will not be met.  The idea that some have more, and others less.  The ideas of scarcity, privilege and ultimately deprivation.  Everything we need exists, but somehow, some seem to take control of this abundance and ration it out according to artificial law.  This alone, is likely one of the most fertile landscapes in which to create, as unnatural law is calling forth natural solutions.  

All of these distorted but somehow naturally seeming ideas of lack and inequality, have led to our shared and grandiose state of contraction.  What makes matters worse, is that in many ways the whole thinks of expansion as technological advancements.  Though the more we expand upon the root problems, the more expansive our problems become.  If a system is broken, trying harder only distinguishes the fact that it’s broken.  While technology can be very useful, we need to use it to extend our own expansiveness, not our state of contraction.  

So how do we expand when the currents of contraction seem to surround us?  We recognize the root of the current.  What is deceiving is only deceiving because of belief, as one cannot believe in the opposite of what they can clearly see.  Even though the majority seem to struggle through life, does not mean that life has to be a struggle.  It means that in a united fashion, we reflect the struggle of our common circumstance within unnatural systems. And because that is what we collectively see and feel as real, we thereby extend the reality of its collective experience. 

Our shared belief, is the glue of our shared creation as a whole, and is the keystone of our power as one.  Above all, it is dependent on the proportional dependency of the whole.  Simply stated, united movement within an accepted system, whether natural or unnatural, creates strong currents of belief, not necessarily truth.  As we learn to discern the truth from the false, we free up the currents of our beliefs and therefore our power.  As belief is like a current unto itself, and where one believes, another may follow.  If one speaks of truth many may take notice, but if one walks in truth many may follow.  This is why one, may have the capacity to change the world.  

A lasting state of contraction is unnatural to our naturally dynamic state, and is what gives rise to friction, struggle and depression.  It is the opposite of what free will represents and the opposite of our inner nature.  Not only is everything we could ever need within existence, so to is the availability of our ever expansive natures.  As we begin to let go of our continual contracted states and follow truth, it leads the way to expansion; when the state of endless contraction is left behind, we will expand naturally in union with the Whole.  From this place, expansion and contraction will exist as one, and close one will be to their true Self. A Self fully aware that expansion is the recognition of a truly free Will (receiving), and contraction its expression through extension (giving).

One of my favorite lessons learned from water, is how to expand beautifully in one’s environment.  A lot of people, refer to the cup is half full or half empty reference, but there is a much greater lesson right beyond it.  I had spent a large portion of my life trying to figure out the most productive and efficient ways to reach my goals in life, typically with minimal result; but one day as I was filling up a glass of water, I learned a great lesson.  I learned that if one completely fills a glass with water, once the glass is full, every molecule of water which exceeds the cups fullness, will know exactly what to do and where to go.

This may sound trivial, but for me it was life changing.  I realized that my ideas were like those water molecules, and I had been walking around with a glass half full, wondering why I couldn’t get a drop of water to jump out of the glass and go do what I wanted it to.  Even if I could of miraculously coerced a drop of water to jump out of the glass, and arrive at a specified location.  By the time it got there, it would be dried up, with no substance to bring forth the initial vision of the endeavor.  When all I had to do was fill up within, and then naturally expand through extension.

  When you create from a place of fullness, you have a never ending supply, and your very fullness calls forth your expansion.  In other words, when we fill up (expand within), we naturally expand into our environments with an efficiency that is beyond our natural efforts, and contains within it, the natural balance inherent within our relationship with all.

Thank you for visiting this module.  Unfortunately this section is under construction.  Please check back soon, as new content is released regularly.

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Thank you for visiting this module.  Unfortunately this section is under construction.  Please check back soon, as new content is released regularly.

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Thank you for visiting this module.  Unfortunately this section is under construction.  Please check back soon, as new content is released regularly.

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