The nature of balance is hidden within the origin of everything within form.  Since everything was generated from a point of equilibrium or oneness, balance is an inherent component of everything which moves, and brings forth the corresponding harmony of many parts through natural systems of correction.  All life naturally draws forth its corresponding balance, as even the most extreme expression of one thing gives birth to its opposite.  We see examples of this in our own behaviors as well, such as the harder one avoids something, the more they eventually lean into it.

The reason things appear so out of balance in this world, is because many of the systems which govern our environment are man made. Or rather made by men and women which do not follow the laws of nature.  And the artificial disruption of natural law, fragments and disorganizes the corresponding nature of correction.  Like our environment, so to are our mental systems of thought distorted.  These distortions of the mind, though generated by earlier misconceptions, are facilitated by elements drawn from these artificial systems, such as the unnatural ideas of, privilege, inequality and debt.  Yet we have been under the illusion of these artificial concepts so long, they feel natural.

Fortunately, even the large disparities which seemingly arise do to mankind’s violation of natural law, eventually call forth corrections within the greater natural systems which hold them, both physically and mentally.  This in no way excuses our behavior.  It simply illustrates how our joined experience within the current set of man made systems, has naturally lead to inharmonious and unpleasant experience in the interim.  The corrections called forth by these imbalances may come directly from nature or of nature through us.

The way to serve these greater corrections in our environment is through our individual acquisitions of balance.  One way to do this, is to learn to live more and more outside these artificial systems.  This can prove challenging, but many are already leading the way.  The crux of the situation, is that one simply cannot fix a faulty system from within the same faulty system.  At best they can make the system appear functional, but this merely dresses up the wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

The topic of addressing the correction of large organizational systems is one I have given much thought, as I have an affinity to the systems of things and feel the adjustment of larger systems necessary in order to help shift the winds of change. I do believe, a large organization is capable of complete transformation of purpose or cause, but the re-direction would have to be total and this would be seemingly impossible if shareholders were involved.  What seems more likely is that large organizations built on faulty ideologies will begin to fund corrective systems or new types of organizations established on natural principles, thus offsetting the artificial, through funding the natural.  Though this is not a solution in itself, it can help swing the thresholds for change in the right direction. What’s more important, is that more people learn to live incrementally outside these artificial systems and begin to recognize the true potential of systems built on principles of nature within truth.

Moving outside of our current artificial systems can occur at both the internal or external levels.  To begin the process internally, a good starting point is the letting go of one’s attachment to the self concepts which are perpetuated by these systems.  This will naturally lead to the stepping out of the larger conceptual systems that are themselves of corrupt nature.  Above all, it’s important to note that on a whole, humanity is beautiful, we just need better options.  However, the only way we’re going to generate better options, is to learn to step away, heal and create them according to the natural laws which reveal themselves within nature.

My experience as I approached the seeming acquisition of a state of inner balance appeared to not prove too difficult, at first. This is because the elusive nature of inner balance is largely comprised of faulty responses to oneself’s and other’s self concepts.  For me, one of the fastest ways to approach inner balance was to stop using measures.  In my experience, “measures” are the fabric of separation.  Without measuring the perceived difference of one concept against the next, there is no seatbelt or attachment point to concepts.  As a result, the stronghold concepts have over us simply begin to fall away.  

However, one still has the residual currents of their emotions to contend with, as letting go of our attachment to self concepts will put heavy focus on them.  This is because a large part of our emotional systems are usually interacting with or responding to these concepts; as our emotional responses to concepts of thought, close the circuit of experience making things feel real. Take them away, and much is revealed emotionally.  Because of the ocean like characteristics of one’s emotional body, this can present quite the variable. 

Even once I began to frequently experience peaceful moments of stillness, free of the attachment to distorted self concepts, eventually the emotions would circulate patterns of old, until they brought the concepts back again. This is because of the engrained emotional responses that are present.  The key is in understanding what is beneath the concepts themselves which ultimately fuel the response.  What is beneath them is the same of all concepts of the self, and is the need to understand one another.  It is the attempt to compartmentalize ourselves in order to compare oneself against another.  To see this truth, is to let go of our need to measure the incomplete compartmentalization of the other, and with it the need for judgement. 

This perspective allows one to understand the emotional response to a person or given situation clearly.  Allowing one to accept the deeper truth about their feelings within the circumstance rather than trying to avoid them.  In time, this leads to a clear and full bodied response to any encounter, though much practice is necessary to adopt this response until it occurs naturally.  But eventually, the currents will calm, as currents follow responsive patterns.  As one learns to regularly see the truth behind their old responses, one’s inner ocean, free of turbulence will open up.  For me, the calming or neutralizing of the emotional body has been the most challenging and has taken the most work. 

While I had great teachers in my youth which instilled the necessity of living an honest life with a skeleton free closet, at times I certainly missed the mark.  However, my biggest oversight was that I never realized self dishonesty also generated dark corners in one’s subconscious.  While no one can control the currents of an ocean, one can manage the elements which comprise the storms that build within the emotional body.  The trauma (dark corners we wish to avoid) of our lives that have not been brought to light and dealt with, are those elements.  To bring to light, embrace and make peace with these dark elementals of our emotional body, is to weaken this ocean’s potential for great storms; bringing a calm and stable disposition to one’s inner ocean.  Storms will still rise, but one can learn to never again lose sight of the shore and patiently ride them out. 

The hardest part of my journey thus far, was passing through the needle of my greatest inner storm.  For the elements of our darkest corners will resist, and an incredible resolve may be necessary for one’s passage through them to the other side.    

For myself, a seemingly difficult area of balance to apprehend was the somewhat elusive balance between my internal and external worlds.  This is because there are many seemingly independent forces or currents driving each, many of which are artificial(man made conceptual systems) and can be large in scale.  

As I approached an inner balance and peace in my life I had never anticipated arriving at, I was somewhat blindsided by the effect that it had on my balance within the world.  Essentially, the external world, at least where I live in the West is driven by many large artificial currents which drive the masses through the many relative concepts which hold them.  The more I stepped away from these concepts, the more at odds I began to feel with these large currents, and ultimately the people driven by them.  I started to realize that for the group conscience of the Whole, “what’s right,” seemed to simply be what was most common and not what was best for the individual.  I soon began to feel alienated in my view of the world, which generated feelings of loneliness and a sense of uselessness.

This forced me to sharpen the lens of oneness or sameness to find peace without.  Rather than fight these large artificial currents and the concepts which are upheld by them, I began to study them, understanding their positive and negative qualities, why they’re necessary for now and what better alternatives can look like.  I learned to appreciate the evolutionary potential these systems had on the individual, knowing that to help create better solutions, one needs to understand the current options.  Ultimately, I learned how to see love in them.  To see the wholeness surrounding these systems allowed me to embrace and move beyond them.  Rather than avoidance, I learned to be a clear and bright reflection amongst them, all the while holding steadfast to my inner freedom and the creative synthesis I could one day invoke.

The most balanced approach to anything is always the most neutral one.  A neutral approach also tends to be the most efficient, reserving one’s energy for extreme expressions of their dynamic range when necessary.  

For me, one of the most informative areas to learn about the neutrality within balance, is through study of the body in motion.  If you watch professional athletes at all, it’s not hard to see that the more balanced and energy conserving their motions are, the better they perform.  From this premise, everything we do, from movement to speaking, work and even sitting or standing in stationary positions will yield a better outcome if approached from a balanced efficient center, whether physical, emotional or mental.  If we have good postures, our spines are aligned and we are over our centers, our entire physiology works better, from the circulatory system to the nervous system and our resulting brain function. 

In regard to reflection, one of my most common assertions when interacting with others, is to be the clearest and most neutral reflection I can be.  If we are reflections of one another living in unity, the greatest gift we have to offer one another is our reflection.  To be clear and neutral, not only means attempting an unbiased position on the matters at hand.  It also means, making available the entire dynamic range of our expressions.  If one’s social disposition appears too calm, they may be perceived as cold and removed; to colorful, and one seems overbearing or arrogant.  However, one’s disposition is simply where they move from; so as we animate within our environment, we begin to expand from that center, offering the corresponding range of our reflections.  To be neutral in that range, is to be willing to offer all of ourselves in a clear and dynamic fashion.  Allowing one to become completely immersed in the expressive dance of relationship, and ultimately offering our greatest potential for reflection to others.

The nature of our experience in this universe is grounded in duality, meaning every aspect of our lives are comprised of at least two opposite yet related units, and the polarity of them determines how they dance or interact with one another.  The distinctions are endless, but I am going to focus on the attraction and repulsion of our experience around these polarities and how I see the balance between them.  

The consciousness of our waking experience draws our experience to us in currents.  These currents gather and present thought units which build up our perception and are either accepted or rejected by our cognition.  This is because we have either an attraction or repulsion to each thought, meaning our thoughts contain an inherent charge.  The charge elicits an emotional response and triggers the attraction of more similarly related thoughts, or clears the stage for new ones.  The balance I wish to focus on, is about stripping the emotional charge from the units of thought.

We all know what it feels like to let our mind’s get away from us as they begin inundating our inner stage with unwanted thoughts, generating a feeling of being overwhelmed, as if our mind’s have hijacked us momentarily.  The crux of this situation is that energy is energy.  Whether we have a strong attraction to certain thoughts or a strong aversion, putting a lot of energy into something is establishing our tendency to experience more of it.  One could try to sit, focus and attempt to pluck out individual thoughts, but the base of the problem is systemic and is best countered with a systematic solution.

One system based solution is to reduce the positive or negative emotional response to one’s thoughts.  I’m not saying to become a robot, but one can neutralize a lot of the unwanted chatter that’s drawn in this way.  The key is in one’s understanding of their inner evolution.  If the way to knowing one’s true self is through surrender by letting go of their attachment to concepts of the self, then with it, the Truth of one’s circumstance begins to be seen.  As Real Truth has no attachment point for measures of any kind, and the old emotional charges inherent in our judgment of self concepts have no trigger and begin to fall away. 

From the perspective of Truth, what thought should one consider positive and what thought negative?  For real Truth holds everything.  We’re all going in the same direction, towards Oneness.  While some may seem to know it and other’s not, the only difference in our journeys is the speed at which we approach Oneness.  When one moves towards it, the time needed for the recognition of our shared wholeness is compressed.  When one moves away from it, they simply increase the friction that will eventually lead to the surrender of that path, thus expanding the time needed for recognition.  But whose to say that much friction over time cannot lead to faster recognition once one’s path is surrendered, or that a slow steady path towards oneness may take longer. 

The point is, we progress the best we can based on our individual experience. In our current state, without time nature would not seem gentle, and there is no way to compare the totality of one’s experience over time to another’s. Through this lens, one can see the neutrality within the darkest circumstance as well as that of the brightest, therefore coming to the realization that these polarities of judgment are simply the effect of where we are seeing the situation from, and really only exist at the level of measurement based interpretation.  Ultimately, this way of looking at things can neutralize the overall charge of one’s thought perception, and in a way afford letting go of the need for particular outcomes, as you can already see the True outcome that exists for all. 

From this perspective, one can also begin to see the underlying lessons being brought forth by their experience.  As both a strong attraction or strong aversion to something is a call to the recognition of the deeper truth of the circumstance.  If we are energetic beings, then energy itself is one of our most native languages.  When I have a very energetic encounter, I instinctively know great lessons are at foot and truly see the experience as a gift, regardless of its polarity.   

Water is a wonderful teacher, and likely the purest form of balance the eyes can see.  Its ability to penetrate and overcome any environment is incredible.  Its reflective qualities alone are mesmerizing; from the luminous dance of a sunset on its waves, to one’s perfect mirror reflection on its calm surface. 

The earth’s surface is comprised of over 70 percent water, the human body nearly 60 percent.  If the majority of what we can see is composed primarily of water, wouldn’t it make sense, to make it a proportionate point of contemplation? The lessons water holds of relationship alone are inspiring. For instance, if you freeze a cup of water and boil another, presenting water at both ends of its spectrum, as soon as you combine them they dissolve into each other, becoming one.  How much, we can learn from water. 

Because we are comprised of primarily water, learning to move as it does may be of great benefit to our ability to move in union with other’s and our environments.  As an example, I will call your attention to how water fills a space.  First, it only begins to pour in by extension of it’s current fullness.  Only once the current space it occupies is filled, does it have the capacity to naturally move into the next, and therefore contains within its resulting expression the full potential of its presence. What this illustrates is that each opportunity we encounter is asking for our fullness; as we are at the core level, beings of fullness and therefore capable of representing ourselves this way.  This does not mean to dominate the space, as that would not represent the neutrality of water.  It means to be open to the dance of relationship that is called forth within it.  When water enters a space, it follows the contours of that space perfectly, honoring the inherent symmetry found within it as well as the inherent symmetry of its own expression.  

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