About ” Wisdom for One “

Hi..  I’m Eddie Mitchell, creator of Wisdom41.  Thank you for visiting the site! I truly hope you find the content relevant and enjoyable.  I’ve really enjoyed the creative process surrounding this project, and it has become very dear to me because I’ve never executed a creative endeavor which allowed me to incorporate so much of who I am into it, nor one which manifested so naturally.  In many ways this project has seemed to come through me, rather than of my own volition.

A little over 7 years ago I began to undergo a deep awakening and inner unfoldment through a series of extraordinary internal experiences. Experiences which would forever change the way I saw myself and others.  Ultimately, awakening to a greater Truth, which completely transcended my understanding of everything I thought I knew.  This turning point generated a lot of movement and change in my life, which was much needed and integral to my continued unfoldment.  All the while carrying the realization that what I had been given was a gift that needed to somehow be shared.  

Wisdom 41 (Wisdom for one) is the response to that realization, and became the creative expression I could not only pour these experiences into, but how I’ve learned to intuit life and the world around me as a result.  While over the years, I’ve found that to be better understood, it is necessary to ground one’s experiences through much assimilation, reflection and study.  A principle aim of this project, was to offer an expression unbound by any formal philosophical or religious framework.  Though my given perspective may coincide with some of these systems of thought, it is derived from direct experience.  And because my most insightful experiences always had a divinely neutral integrity to them, I really wanted to produce a body of work (perspective), which held to that and was free from labels, offering the same sense of neutrality to others.

My only wish for this project is that others may truly recognize themselves in the reflection I’m offering. -EM-

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