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Discovering Your True Self

Self discovery holds within it the greatest discoveries one can make in this world.  Who we are is a product of what we are and only after discovering your true Self does the latent potential within our wholeness unfold.  One could think of this unfoldment in relation to the butterfly which finally exits its cocoon and begins to fly.  Once our wings open and expand, the ability to flow in life becomes known and life as we know it takes on new meaning.  Unfortunately, many of us spend far too long gyrating about in the confines of our cocoons where it is hard to see life as anything more than a struggle, yet it’s the struggle in life which may grant us the necessary force to finally break free. 

The key to discovering one’s true self is the willingness to look at the heart of their center.  A center we all share as One.  A center filled with an unchangeable Truth and a Love that once recognized, cannot be unknown.  This site is dedicated to reflecting the heart of that center.  The center from which, one does unfold and eventual take flight, offering their greatest individualized expressions of Oneness.

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